Our Staff

Administrative Team
Shauna Peart Principal
Jennifer Davey Vice Principal 
Diane Clarke Office Administrator
Cathryn Gillespie Assistant Office Administrator
Nancy Mercier Student Support Teacher- English
Tracey Creighton Student Support Teacher- French Immersion

English Program
Tina Boriotis & Melissa Beckett (ECE) FDK
Janet Wilson  1
Jo Mace  2/3
Jane Panter  3
Cathy Marshall 3/4
Ian Hearn 4/5
Dan Eardley  6
Charles Nicholls  7/8
Greg Morrison  7/8
Fiona White Core French and Planning Time
Sharon Meehan Core French Ashley Riley Planning Time Jennifer Harrington  Planning Time Teacher
Lindsey Wood Primary District Learning Centre

French Immersion Program

Tanis Gallupe & Véronique Goffaux (Éducatrice)  FDK
Michael Higginson & Debra Martin (Éducatrice)  FDK
Bernadette Case & Kristen Garster (Éducatrice)  FDK
Katherine St. Clair & Jennifer Jackson-Grundy (Éducatrice)  FDK
Jennifer Bélanger  FDK
Jackie Chamberlain  1
Françoise Doherty  1
Deirdre MacKay  1
Michael Landis 2
Evie Marshall 2
Kelly Sedore 2
Houri Hassan-Yari 2/3
Chantal Oleschuk 3
Marie Kimmerer  3/4
Dianne Fox/Lindsey Blanchette 4
Eric Jacques 4/5
David Héroux 5
Tracey Creighton 5/6
Kelly Goddard 6
Teia Kivistik English to Immersion
Ashley Riley  English to Immersion
Katie O’Brien English to Immersion
Lisa Sinclair English to Immersion
Lindsey Blanchette  Planning Time Teacher
Janet Matheson  Planning Time Teacher
Jennifer Harrington  Planning Time Teacher
Amanda Rodriguez Planning Time Teacher

Support Staff

Franca Blackman Educational Assistant
Marie-Pierre Tremblay Educational Assistant
Geoff Burns  Educational Assistant
Shannon Dionne  Educational Assistant
Meghan Van Allen Educational Assistant
Don Meyers  Educational Assistant Pam McCaffrey Educational Assistant
Trudie Thurlby Educational Assistant
Crystal Fairfax Student Support Counsellor

Lunch Supervisors 
Maryann Crozier
Angela Haibach
Katie Murray Julie Riley

Caretaking Staff
Cory Clark Head Caretaker
Josh Giffin Evening Caretaker
TBA Evening Caretaker