Our Staff

Administrative Team
Mme. Shauna Peart Principal
Mme. Kate Brennan Vice Principal 
Ms. Diane Clarke Office Administrator
TBA Assistant Office Administrator

Custodial Team:

Mr. Cory Clark, Head Caretaker

Ms. Jessica Stevenson, Mr. David Horton, Assistant Caretakers


Educational Assistants:

Mme Franca Blackman (Ms. Brandy Armstrong), Mr. David Smith, Ms. Pam McCaffrey (Ms. Phensri Kawthong), Mr. Don Myers, Ms. Trudie Thurlby, Ms. Shania Emmons, Mme Marie-Pierre Tremblay, Ms. Katie Watson, Ms. Fay Cooper, Ms. Shari Berry, Ms. Jenn Gaudet, Mr. Russell Moore


Student Support Counsellor

Ms. Crystal Fairfax


English Teaching Staff:

FDK: Ms. Lisa Sinclair and Mrs. Melissa Beckett

Grade 1/2: Mrs. Sarah Seiveright

Grade 2/3: Ms. Jen Lloyd

Grade 3/4: Mr. Joseph Hamilton

Grade 4/5: Mr. Greg Morrison

Grade 5/6: Mr. Dan Eardley

Grade 7: Mr. Chas Nicholls

Grade 8: Ms. Susan Raike

Primary DLC: Ms. Jamie Asselstine Core French: Mme Sharon Meehan, Mme Carly Elliot Planning Time: Ms. Lindsey Gray

School to Community Teacher: Ms. Tiffany Christian

Student Support Teacher:  Ms. Jenny Caldwell


French Teaching Staff: 

FDK: Mme Tanis Gallupe & Mme Kristine Garster

FDK: Mme Dianne Fox & Mme Jennifer Jackson-Grundy

FDK: Mme Meghan Bruder & Mme Deborah Martin

SK/Grade 1: M Michael Higginson Grade 1: Mme Jacqueline Chamberlain

Grade 1/2: Mme Francoise Doherty

Grade 2:  Mme Jennifer Belanger

Grade 2:  Mme Kelly Sedore

Grade 2:  M Michael Landis

Grade 3: Mme Lindsey Blanchette

Grade 3/4: Mme Elisabeth Beaulieu

Grade 4:  Mme Adrianna MacKay

Grade 4/5:  Mme Jennifer Martin

Grade 5: Mme Leanne Lieberman Term 1/Mme Dorothy Evans Term 2

Grade 6: Mme Kelly Goddard

Grade 6 and Student Support Teacher: Mme Tracey Creighton

English to Immersion: Ms. Teia Kivistik, Ms. Shelley Glenn-Hawley, Ms. Katie O'Brien, Ms. Megan Collins, Mme Alana Mignault

French Planning Time: Mme Carly Elliot

Yard/Nutrition Break Supervisors & Kindergarten Support: Andrea Ruttan, Angela Haibach