Gr.4-8 Tell Them From Me Survey

Tell Them From Me SurveyNovember 12th, 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian,
We know that when students are highly engaged in school, they are more likely to achieve at high levels. We also know that for students to achieve to the best of their ability and to reach their full potential, they need to feel safe, secure and supported at school.  As a result, the Limestone District School Board (LDSB) is working with The Learning Bar organization to survey our students on their level of engagement in learning, their level of wellness, and the climate of their school. This November, students in Grades 4-8 will again complete a survey to assess their engagement and their perceptions of the school climate.  As in the past, LDSB schools will be using the Learning Bar’s Our School survey (formerly known as Tell Them From Me), which was developed by internationally renowned educational researcher Dr. Douglas Willms and is based upon years of research in Canada and around the world.   Schools in LDSB have been using Learning Bar surveys for the past 9 years.  Currently this survey tool is used in schools throughout Canada with over 100,000 students participating.  More information is available regarding Our School at

These surveys provide schools with invaluable feedback directly from students regarding their experiences and perceptions about their school environment.  Information gathered will help schools to share best practices as well as areas for focus, in order to foster a positive school environment in every school.  Aggregate results tied to the school climate will be shared with your school’s Safe Schools Team and School Council to help guide their work, and to inform School Improvement Plans for School Climate based on the feedback.

The survey is completely anonymous and voluntary and will be completed at school. Students are assigned a username and password that allows them to complete the survey on-line.  Neither the school nor The Learning Bar is able to identify the survey responses of any individual student.  In addition, students will be instructed to not put their name anywhere in their responses.  Only school-wide and Board-wide data will be shared.  Individual information will not be shared and it cannot be traced back to the student entering the information.  In schools where there are fewer than five students in an individual demographic category (sex or grade), the data will not be accessed to protect student anonymity.   

The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete.  It includes questions related to demographics, personal health and well-being, perceptions of their learning and engagement with school, and perceptions of the school climate.  We greatly value the voices of all our students and look forward to hearing from all of them.

If you do not want your child in Gr. 4-8 to complete the survey, please let me know prior to Thursday, November 15, when students will begin to complete the survey at school.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Mme Prenevost