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Dress Code

The following is the updated Dress Code for James R. Henderson Public School. It follows that of the Limestone District School Board and is meant as a guideline in the assessment of appropriate dress for all members of the school community which includes students, staff and volunteers. Please complete the tear off section of this form and return it with your child.  Different forms of dress are appropriate in different situations.
Members of the school community must refrain from wearing clothing or accessories which :

  • display content that is offensive to any individual or group, including but not limited to material which is racist, sexist or homophobic or implies such
  • promote unlawful activities or an unwholesome lifestyle, including but not limited to material which features illicit drugs, alcohol, guns or other weapons
  • display profanity or implied profanity
  • are more appropriate for the beach or outdoor play, including, but not limited to shorts and skirts which are no shorter than mid-thigh in length, muscle shirts, tube or halter tops, and other tops which expose the torso including the shoulders, midriff, back, chest or undergarments
  • are unhealthy, unhygienic or unsafe, including but not limited to bare feet, heeled shoes, and metallic or other sharp accessories
  • are reflective of violent or anti-social culture, including but not limited to steel toe caps and gang related clothing, symbols or insignia
Members of the school community are required to :

  • be neat, clean, and well groomed in overall appearance
  • remove hats and/or hoods upon entering the school, unless worn for school spirit days or special events
  • have their shirts buttoned/zipped up with no undergarments visible
  • wear shoes in the classroom at all times. Gym shoes may be worn for both the gym and the classroom (outdoor footwear is not to be worn in the classroom)
Reason for expected behaviour:

Dress that reflects personal pride and respect for others
helps to create a positive learning environment

The consequences of not adhering to the dress code will be at the discretion of the staff but could include surrendering of the accessories, wearing clothing inside out, covering up with other articles of clothing or in extreme cases, being sent home to change.

Last Modified: May 29, 2013
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