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Promoting Positive Behaviour at J. R. Henderson

Character Education

~ Respect yourself, others and the environment ~

What is your character?  If you are a student at James R. Henderson, then you know about Character Education! Embedded throughout our daily practices are the ‘Six Pillars of Character Education’ as shown in the box to the right. There will be many opportunities for peer interaction to promote student learning  to help guide you as you continue to develop your own sense of core values.
Take responsibility for your character by doing your best to develop and demonstrate good character traits. At Henderson, we believe in good character and we wear our colours of good character proudly.

Build a Strong Foundation

Expected Behaviour


As a student at J. R. Henderson Public School, you are expected to:

  • treat all people with respect and dignity, and in a positive, supportive manner
  • demonstrate tolerance for individual differences, ethnicity, race, religion, and gender
  • demonstrate respect for yourself and others by refraining from the use of inappropriate, or offensive  language and physical contact
  • be courteous and respectful to all staff members and everyone in the school environment
  • be punctual and maintain regular attendance
  • come to every class prepared with all the necessary tools - pens, pencils, etc.
  • be responsible for completing homework and assignments and always trying your best
  • maintain a neat, clean, and appropriate appearance
  • wear clothing consistent with a scholarly school tone
  • respect the property of others, school property, and the environment
  • accept logical consequences for inappropriate behaviour
  • In the majority of instances of inappropriate behaviour, a simple reminder from a staff member will suffice to correct the behaviour.  If further intervention is required, one or more of the following consequences may be considered, not necessarily in the order listed.

  • interview with the student and a recording of the incident
  • detention of the student (at recesses)
  • withdrawal of a school privilege
  • time in a quiet place
  • restitution where appropriate, such as payment for damages
  • contact with parents
  • a contract between student, staff, and parents
  • involvement of school board support personnel
  • withdrawal of student from the class setting
  • school suspension

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